Who’s Behind This?

Hello. My name is Cianna and I’m a Brokeaholic.

I work hard and earn a good living, but continue to go broke, not save, go into panic from time to time when I’m waiting for one check to clear so that I can pay for basic things like rent.

I know a lot about how to reduce debt, earn more, start my own business. I know what I’m “supposed” to do, I just can’t seem to do it. Oh, sometimes I get all excited and start creating budgets, tracking expenses, regularly depositing a percentage of my earnings in savings… and then I stop. I forget. I get annoyed. Something important comes up that I need to pay for and bam! My savings is back down to zero and I give up.

For the past 3 years I’ve been tackling this issue and I’m in a much better place financially – but I still crash and burn. This pattern is informative.

I realize that something in me is deeply committed to having a struggle with money. I am ashamed of this and have been hiding it for years. I have been unable to talk about it with my closest friends, and have been suffering with it on my own.

Now I am coming forward with this because I believe I am not alone. I have started to talk with others about my struggle and shame around money and have discovered that what I’ve learned over the past 3 years has been really helpful to others, has helped each of us to feel less shame and get the support we need to untangle the reasons we keep doing this thing we hate over and over: going broke.

I think it’s like being addicted to struggling with money. This blog is an examination of the beliefs and histories that make us addicted to being broke, the things that made us Brokeaholics. I believe that by making these things visible we can dismantle them, counter them with new thoughts, get support when we would normally hide, heal.

Hello. My name is Cianna and I’m a Brokeaholic. And I’m committed to breaking this addiction.


While Cianna is the main instigator, this blog is a collaborative effort. If you would like to submit an article to be published on Brokeaholic, please write to: ciannastewart@gmail.com.